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And the existence of Pegasus proved that iOS malware goes beyond badly coded adware and ransom-demanding websites, which are quite easy to block. There are some serious threats in the wild.

We have three simple tips here for you to stay as safe as possible:. Quiz time… Real deal or phishing? Can you identify the malicious links?

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WhatsApp and Facebook ticket giveaways: viral fraud. Top 5 most notorious cyberattacks. Solutions for:. John Snow 56 posts. News Special Projects Threats.

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Pegasus: The beginning Pegasus was discovered thanks to Ahmed Mansoor , a UAE human rights activist, who happened to be one of its targets. All the pretty horses Maybe the developers of Pegasus thought that they had invested too much in this project to limit it to one platform. You are probably safe, but… When news of the iOS version of Pegasus got out, Apple was quick to react.

A powerful spyware app now targets iPhone owners

We have three simple tips here for you to stay as safe as possible: Update your devices on time, without fail, and pay special attention to security updates. Install a good security solution on each of your devices.

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There are none for iOS, but we hope that Pegasus will make Apple rethink its policy. How my face got stolen. Cyberfun with flags.

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John Snow. Latest posts: WhatsApp and Facebook ticket giveaways: viral fraud Top 5 most notorious cyberattacks 5 Fortnite security tips.

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Iphone 6s Plus ios 9 spyware

I spy with my little iPhone! Apple rushes out iPhone patch after discovery of government spying hack. The ongoing battle between technology firms and government intelligence agencies has taken another twist with the discovery of sophisticated spyware for the Apple iPhone. The exploit code, dubbed Trident, is alleged to originated from a Middle East government and could have turned the iPhone of a human rights activist into a spyware device with just one click.

The spyware would have also recorded his WhatsApp and Viber calls, logged messages sent in mobile chat apps, and tracked his movements, said the Citizen Lab researchers.