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Everything is clear, every moment is caught and every small detail is caught with a perfection. After recording an hourly long video, you can relive the moments by watching the HD recorded video giving you a real look alike second experience. No doubt that OHO waterproof sunglasses provides a small spy camera with audio but there is no way to stop the howling sound of wind waves. There is no protection cap for mic to avoid the wind voice and you can not mute the audio recording too which we think is a bad thing.

The spy camera battery life is very short for this type of gadget. When you are going for some sports or going outside your home and want to record videos during driving, there is a major chance that it will take more than an hour. These mini cameras HD have only one touch button for all functions which frustrated us. You need a lot of practicing and a first-hand familiarity to do every function right. So, you have to be very careful with that thing or you can return empty handed with no video recording. Secret camera filming companies always look for intriguing ideas to hide the hidden camera kit.

These are normal computer speakers having a hidden mini camera for home and room surveillance. SCS Wireless IP speakers are normal fully functional pair of speakers with a good audio quality output. The spy camera HD is hidden inside the second speaker just in front which looks more like a ventilating hole or a small light. It has a wide angle of 90 degree so it can cover your whole room if placed in a corner. The video recorded is a good resolution p resolution recorded with a 1.

The mini spy camera Wi-Fi technology can connect these speakers to your home network like any best mini spy camera. Do you know you can use Network Attached Storage for getting more space without any fear of ever losing it? Scan the QR code on the camera and input your Wi-Fi password. It comes with an internal SD card memory of 8 GB making it a fast-performing camera. The Lizvie application can connect with more than 10 devices at same time saving you from the frustration of keeping multiple apps for multiple devices.

With a signal secured with user id and password through WPA protection, it stays connected with your mobile application until and unless you home network Wi-Fi is turned off. What is most important for a real hidden cam is how it connects and how it maintains the connectivity. With a P2P automatic set-up technology, anyone can set-up this camera within a few minutes, a feature we liked most in it. The whole set-up procedure is also explained thoroughly and clearly in the user manual that come along with it.

If you are looking to have these speakers you want multifunctionality with it, Right? So yes, it does address your need for a quality audio speaker for your computer or laptop. The fully functional audio speakers do deliver sound according to your expectation. The music base is well set and you can also alter it according to your choice. With a wide angle, if you are smart enough to know how to hide a security camera and how to place it well, you can cover your whole room or hall with it. Every home security spy camera must should have an audio recording capability if it wants to lock horn with the best mini spy cameras available currently which is lacking here.

It is not a mini cam with audio recorder, the company explain it this in accordance to the Federal Law: 18 U. Code An essential night vision is also missing here. Your house or office can be vulnerable in night which is a more suitable time for burglaries. It does work well even in a very slow light but gets blind in complete dark. An addition of night vision would have made this mini spy camera best buy camera for home security.

We think the asking price is a bit high with so many essential features missing. If you are a cop, a sheriff, a security guard or just have that James Bond spy character inside you who needs to record and keep visual evidence of every minute of duty, you do need a best wearable spy camera. It records a full HD p video and captures up to 8 mega pixel hi-res images. It is specifically designed for law enforcement officers to capture visual evidence of important and unexpected evidence. Also, inside it you will find a USB charging cable and small remote control.

The front of the device has a lens of hidden camera and microphone. The infrared lights for night vision are also placed on the both sides of camera lens. On the right side of device there are multiple buttons, one for power ON and OFF that can be pressed for few seconds to turn on the device, an Ok button to move around in the configurations and menus and at the top a button for picture taking.

Right on the back is a 2 inches LED display screen to playback and watch the recorded videos or configure your device settings and also can watch a video while recording, and a jack to hold the removable clips. One the other side, there is a video recording start and stop button, an audio recording key and an up and down selector.

At the bottom there is an HDMI port that can be used to connect to a portable monitor on the go and a micro SD card slot both hidden inside a flipper. A splash-proof and water-resistant casing is well constructed and very light-weighted. A button activated night allows the camera to record a really good quality video even in low light environment. The hidden camera videos can be played back with an audio due to the built-in good quality speakers allowing you to watch and monitor the recorded video even on sight.

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You can easily copy the recorded videos from your device by plugging the USB cable or can also remove the SD card. It also has a video recording button to start and stop video recording and a key for audio recording. Overall it is the best buying wearable camera and highly recommended. The night vision feature is controllable and work very well. The image taken or video recorded is high quality and crispy. And last but no the least it is in a very affordable price.

PYLE Premium portable body camera is our personal favorite wearable camera with a lot of features. Water resisting camera lens with 8 Mega Pixels picture quality is suitable for every type of weather and can work in any condition. A visual or audio evidence can be taken which can provided when necessary. It is constructed with a rugged durable material giving it ability to withstand extreme weather condition. It offers protection against dirt and splashing water from damaging the internal structure. What impressed us most is its multifunctionality.

It is an all in one device.

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With a 2. It also provides you with an option to select among different video recording qualities. You can interchange the video recording among p,p and p video files saving a memory for more videos. With all the above discussed features, options and capabilities the asking price is very affordable. It is one of the cheapest wearable cameras available on market.

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It is worth your every penny if you are looking for a high-performance body camera. There is nothing much to unlike about this master piece by PYLE but one thing that bothered us is sometime it freezes away. This can also be caused by a corrupt SD card or a low-quality memory card. The remote control also sometime will test your patience but do make sure that the battery in remote is properly working and also the device is fully charged.

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These are a fully functional speakers with a Wi-Fi hidden camera. Having a o rotating head, you can set it up in any location at your room or house, providing you a high definition video recording. It has a lens of focal length 3. By supporting a 2. The packaging box itself is divided into columns, a major section containing the Speaker camera and a small inside box having a USB cable and a charging adapter for wall. You can plug in the speaker for charge and record the video at same time or you can record the video in battery mode.

The company also sends a fast-micro SD card reader to facilitate you in transferring the data from the device. These are big bulky speakers with more than 5 inches in length and are made black crystal plastic with a chrome essence. At the bottom of base of speaker there is a dedicated power button, a USB cable port and a slot to attach microphone. Here you can attach any headset or headphone ear-pads. A good quality headset like that of the Wireless Gaming Headsets will ensure a better listening and microphone experience.

The hidden surveillance camera is also placed in the bottom but is completely unnoticeable. Having the best mini spy camera features like motion detection and mobile app connectivity it can be the best solution for your all security problems. It can be set for a motion detection video recording where if it turned on, it will automatically start recording videos whenever some movement is made in its vicinity. It also supports a loop video recording, where if the memory of SD card is full, it will delete the older videos to free some space.

Having a PTZ lens with a left and right O rotation, you can cover your whole room, house or office with it protecting your precious property and family or keep a secret eye on your nanny or you can also use it at your shop or office. These are Bluetooth operated speakers, so you can connect to these remotely with your mobile phone and listen to your favorite tracks.

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It shows a good compatibility with mobile hidden camera application HDminiCam. The set up is very simple much more like other spy cameras we discussed earlier. When connected to the application you can set it up to send you a push notification whenever there is some motion detected and start a recording at the same time too.

There are a number of speaker cameras available in market but the WNAT Speakers Camera P have an edge over them due to overall performance especially the sound quality. Having a fully grilled upper side, it can fill your room with a voice of your favorite played audio tracks. It is also very affordable as compared to the competitor speaker cams. The O horizontal rotating camera is a very unique idea implemented in a speaker and we cannot go unimpressed with this innovation. You will not need to fix these speakers at some corner of your room to cover the whole details.

You can even place it in the middle of your hall along with a table lamp or some show piece and rotate it to save every bit of detail. The battery life is also pretty good, with a mAH battery you can record hourly long videos, take hundred of quick snaps and listen to the music too. The camera is placed just at the bottom of the base part of speaker and fully hidden. Without a very deep look, it cannot be noticed and the speaker looks just like a normal sound orator. You must note that it is highly recommended by the company to use the camera with the speakers plugged in to a constant power supply for better result.

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It also shows support for a GB memory card which is pretty good as much of surveillance hidden camera do not support more than 64 GB of memory. It can record a few minutes video and can take pictures even with no SD card. If you are lover of a high base music, you will not need other functional speakers along with it as it will be fulfilling your need. Also, the Bluetooth connectivity gets a liking from us too, as a lover of Alan Walker we played his tracks on repeat with it on a Bluetooth connectivity and not a single frame was lost or missed though the smartphone was sitting on a pretty good distance from it.

It is a bit bulky and big in size taking a good space on your computer table. The hidden spy camera which is wireless and concealable is fitted in the lower part of the speaker and this can affect the recording if a book or any other material is kept in front of it on the desk. The upper part should have been made a bit smaller which would have reduced the overall size and weight but we think it is not a major issue. The most important feature it is missing is the audio recording along with the video recording. It is not a mini spy camera with audio recording capability and the video saved will be without sound.

This is perhaps in accordance with the US Law that forbid recording of audio during home surveillance. To satisfy the detective character inside you, you need a best mini spy camera to record videos and take pictures of places and events where you can not do this openly. With an HD p quality video footage, now you can keep the track records of secret meetings, spy on your friends and do a lot of fun with it. This multifunctional, beautifully designed signature pen comes in a normal pen box along with a small but detailed user manual to guide you about all the necessary information you may need about the device.

A small USB cable for file transferring and a charger of 0 — 5 V DC for charging the pen is also included in the package. Note down that micro SD card is not supported by this device. But a good thing is that it comes with a built in 16 GB of Memory which is enough for recording videos up to 2 hours. Before talking on how does a mini spy camera works lets have a look at the posterior of the device.

It is a black shinning pen with a silver color finishing on the middle, head, bottom layer and on the pocket clipper. Lengthwise it is 6. It is having a weight of just 99 grams. On the opposite side of the camera there is a small status indicator light and a reset button. The pen can be opened up from the middle exposing the plug n play USB switch. It is normal working pen having video camcorder , picture taking capability, date stamps and loop recording feature.

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  • The video quality is high resolution x p with a frame rate of 30fps and a lens angle of 65 0 enabling it to record a video of wider part of room or wherever you are sitting. With one charge it is able to record a video of up to 2 hours with its mAH battery. During the operation if the memory is full, it will delete older videos to free up some space.

    You can also record a time-lapse video with it. This pen is having a stylish and Premium Pen Design. So if you are tired of trying cheap camera gadgets, then this pocket camera is designed as a high quality, everyday pen with undetectable lens that will fulfill your spying dreams and will help you providing a premium look. It also includes 3 extra refills along with one refill inside the pen.

    Overall it is a good product in a fair price. When first we hold this pen spy camera, we were not expecting much from it because to be honest most of the spy pen cameras out in the market are of really poor quality. But the overall performance of this pen left an impression on us especially the video quality. With such a small device you expect a very blurred video output but the case is not same here.

    It is a good quality camcorder with a pretty clear result. Also, it is having a 16 GB built in memory which solves your memory problems. You can record a number of videos with it before plugging it in to your PC and transferring the recorded video. And if needed it can self-erase the older items to free up space for further operations.

    Though it does not support any external memory but this built in memory is enough for 2 hours long spy camera recordings. The one touch button operation is also solid for this type of device as a number of buttons can expose it. Initially you will need some practicing to get familiar with it but once you got it right it is easy to remember and set up. High marks from our side for the motion detection. As many of you we were also thinking about this just as a marketing claim but it works and it really works.

    We set up the motion detection feature and tried it out a number of times and every time it passed the test, so yeah Thumbs up! If you are a lover of stylish and premium pen designs like that of Parker etc, so yes this pen is pretty stylish and trendy. But the problem with this pen is that it is a bit bulky which make it look like a marker and not a pen.

    Moreover, it is also having same design like hundreds of other Spy pen cameras available in the market. Due to this design flaw this pen can be revealed if you are using it covertly. Secondly night vision is kind of missing over here. So if there is low light then this pen is not going to give you desired results. Most importantly, though it is having a built in memory that can support up to 2 hours long recordings but still some people want to have support for SD Card.

    Therefore those people who want external memory support in their spy pen cameras are not going to love it. A best mini spy camera is without any doubt an awesome piece of technology. It is really amazing to have such excellent features in such a tiny piece. You are going to use this camera for different reasons such as a nanny cam, home security purposes, to catch a cheating partner, or some other purposes.

    These mini cams are though easily available and you can buy best mini spy cam from any one who claims it to be the best. But you are going to be confused by such a huge variety and different type of mini cams available. Moreover you will be having different questions regarding a best mini spy camera.

    Mini Spy cam is any camera that is smaller in size such that it cannot be seen easily. Normally it is hidden in normal items like clock, watch, sunglasses, chargers, etc or it can be such a miniature device that it cannot be seen and observed by a person normally. Each of these cams is manufactured differently and you have to choose as per your requirements.

    The more hidden and concealable the spy camera is the more good is it to fulfill the required functions. View Frequently Asked Questions concerning our mobile spy phone:. Info ex art. Con la presente, ai sensi del D. Ai sensi dell'art. Spy app for all iOS mobile systems , from 5. Spyphone software available for the most Blackberry cell phones. We are also in Milan and Rome By appointment only Call us from 9 to 18 from monday to friday Click on the picture below to view maps. Disclaimer: The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.

    Direct access to internal or external memory sd card , with viewing and downloading of files. This service allows you to track the mobile phone, precisely throughout all European territory. Order or Ask Informations about the spy phone app: Fill the form and send it! Previous Pen micro spy GSM.

    Next Professional digital video voice recorder. Customer ratings and reviews. Rate it. Secure payment. Shipping within 24 hours. Neutral packing. Description Product Details Description.