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The Hdmr Ransomware will look for the most popular file types once it compromises the targeted host. These include. The Gamaredon Group was first spotted back in This hacking group goes after Ukrainian targets mostly, which often tend to be high-ranking officials. The preferred propagation method is phishing email campaigns.

The Gamaredon Group makes sure to make the emails seem as legitimate as possible by using various social engineering techniques.

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The phishing emails would often have an attached file that is tailored to look like an important document that needs immediate reviewing. This APT is known to use both hacking tools, which they have developed as well as threats that are available for purchase online. Furthermore, the Gamaredon Group also has been spotted weaponizing genuine They also are known as APT Over time, malware researchers have been keeping a close eye on the activity of the Ke3chang hacking group and have made some interesting discoveries. Malware researchers are speculating that several hacking groups have likely purchased the GovRAT already.

It also appears that this threat has been utilized in several campaigns targeting military organizations, as well as government bodies. Ransomware creators do not seem to take a day off — a brand new file-encrypting Trojan has been spotted recently. Its name is the Mockba Ransomware. This appears to be a new ransomware family. Ransomware threats appear to be perceived as a low-risk, high-reward type of endeavor as more and more shady individuals develop and propagate various data-locking Trojans.

Propagation and Encryption Most authors of ransomware tend to utilize spam email campaigns to spread their creations. The emails in question would often contain a macro-laced attachment that is carrying the threatening payload. Another trick used by ransomware creators is using fake pirated copies of popular applications to trick users into executing their threat. This is why malware experts warn against downloading any pirated software of media; it is just not worth the risk The Cobalt Group is a well-known group of hackers that have been operating in the cybercrime scene for a while.

They do not appear to be acting on behalf of any government. Instead, their attacks appear to be financially motivated. The Cobalt Group likes to play big — most of their targets tend to be high-profile institutions such as banks or other organizations operating in the financial industry. The Cobalt Group prefers to carry out stealthy attacks, even if that means it would take them longer to complete an operation. They would often infiltrate a targeted network over a long period, as this makes it less likely for their unsafe One of the most notorious ransomware families, which have been plaguing users worldwide is the STOP Ransomware family.

In dozens of variants of the STOP Ransomware have been released and have claimed a large number of victims. Propagation and Encryption Cybersecurity experts believe that the authors of the Nols Ransomware are using spam emails containing corrupted attachments to propagate this file-locking Trojan. It is also likely that they are taking advantage of fake application updates and pirated bogus copies of popular software to spread the Nols Ransomware.

This is why it is advised to be very careful when opening attachments by unknown sources and avoid downloading pirated content at all costs. When the Nols Ransomware infiltrates your computer, it will make sure to perform a scan and locate all the data, which will be Most cyber crooks are not as highly-skilled as they are often portrayed. Most shady individuals who decide to try their luck in the world of cybercrime are not very proficient or experienced.

In the case of ransomware threats, such actors would opt to borrow the readily available code of well-established file-encrypting Trojans and only slightly tweak it to fit their needs. This is the case with the Werd Ransomware. Despite malware researchers being unable to determine the infection vectors used in the spreading of the Werd Ransomware, the most popular ransomware propagation methods have been speculated as potential culprits.

This includes fake pirated copies of legitimate Recently, a new data-locking Trojan has been spotted. It goes by the name InfoDot Ransomware. Victims of the InfoDot Ransomware have reported that this file-encrypting Trojan is appending different extensions to the locked files.

Propagation and Encryption The infection vectors utilized in the spreading of the InfoDot Ransomware are yet to be revealed. Most ransomware threats are usually propagated via mass spam email campaigns.

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Other common techniques are bogus software updates and fraudulent pirated variants of popular applications. Users need to be very cautious when dealing with emails from unknown sources and make sure to avoid torrenting pirated media or applications as they hide great risks. When the Three Ontarian clinics have lately fallen prey to a cyber attack involving the popular Ryuk ransomware.

The infection reportedly delayed patient care, took down email systems, and impeded the access to electronic medical records EMRs , forcing staff members to process patient records the old way using a pen and a pad. Given the stealthy nature of the Ryuk ransomware, however, these may necessarily be the only affected hospitals so far. You can download, install and start using Mobistealth Cell Phone tracking Software in just minutes.

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If you are an employer worried about misuse of company owned devices Or a concerned parent worried about cell phone activities of your children then MobiStealth cell phone monitoring software is ideal for you. For businesses and parents, Mobistealth PC Monitoring Software helps protect interests by providing continuous monitoring of all computing activities. Our PC Monitoring Software can be installed in just minutes and includes several advanced surveillance features that track computing activities and relay the data to your Mobistealth user account.

I used to get paranoid thinking what would my children be doing whenever they were away from me.

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Mobistealth cell phone software helps to monitor my children's activities giving me peace of mind. Mobistealth Cell Phone monitoring Software is your comprehensive and cost-effective solution to monitor kids and protect use of company owned devices.


Whether looking to protect your children from online threats or to stop misuse of company resources, Mobistealth Computer Monitoring Software gets you the answers you want and deserve. Our Computer Monitoring Software includes the advanced surveillance features you need to monitor all computer activities. Track a cell phone location.

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Buy Now. Get the Answers with Computer Monitoring Software. Regular malware definition updates ensure complete protection from the latest malware threats. SpyHunter includes the Spyware HelpDesk: an interactive one-on-one customer support solution designed to handle any issues that SpyHunter is not able to automatically solve.

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Custom malware fixes created to deal with your computer's specific malware problems. SpyHunter's Spyware HelpDesk generates and transmits a diagnostic report that is analyzed by our technicians, and an automated custom fix addressing the issue is sent back to you via SpyHunter. The exclusions feature allows you to exclude certain programs from being detected in future SpyHunter scans. The easy-to-use interface enables the users to quickly modify SpyHunter's behaviour according to their needs. Cannot remove stubborn malware?

SpyHunter's built-in tech support service called Spyware HelpDesk can create an automated custom fix, tailored to address your specific malware issues.

Our tech support can also, at your option, provide you with phone support and remote assistance to help you deal with any issues. A robust multi-layer system scanner with solid features and a user interface that offers customizability. SpyHunter is a comprehensive anti-malware solution designed to provide online protection and security against ransomware, viruses, trojans and other threats, while still offering a user-friendly interface to bring added simplicity to your digital life. Click logos to view details.

SpyHunter combines signature-based malware detection with advanced heuristic detection methods and an array of other security features like its Spyware HelpDesk to catch today's sophisticated malware. To remain malware-free, users need a powerful yet easy-to-use anti-malware solution. SpyHunter has been designed with that goal in mind - its adaptive malware detection engine is supported by backend cloud-based threat analysis systems offering robust real-time defense against malware infiltrations.

The integrated Compact OS operates at a lower level than Windows and is an integral tool for the removal of rooktis and other stubborn malware infections. SpyHunter also includes an active "System Guard" functionality designed to block malware and other harmful objects before they can infiltrate the subscribers' computer.