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If you're looking for a way to make your Windows PC be a little more touch-friendly, Stardock's latest app, TouchTasks, may be worth a look. Mozilla Firefox now has a free reporting tool that outlines the number of social media trackers that Firefox has blocked. A fresh update for Microsoft Whiteboard on iOS adds collaborative templates to help you get started on your brainstorming sessions right away. Outlook users on Android can now use Actionable Messages to perform quick actions within emails.

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Wouldn't hold my breath. Cortana on mine has been wonky since day 1 and I haven't seen much improvement.

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Regardless of whether it's still officially supported, I'm guessing it won't be "upgraded" to The new update adds physical gaming hardware and reorganization the sections of the Microsoft Store. Surface Pro X may compromise slightly on performance with traditional desktop apps, but the reported state of Photoshop on iPad proves Microsoft still has the upper hand — at least for now.

Ad blockers are a wonderful thing. They do exactly what they're supposed to: block ads when browsing the web.

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Here's the best for Microsoft Edge. XSplit Gamecaster's latest update makes it even easier to get going with your streams and recordings. Geometry Dash v1. No more missed important software updates! This is a comparison of mobile phone tracker xap operating systems OS.

Nokia Drive XAP leaked, works on HTC and Samsung WP7 devices

They make the interface less condensed by categorizing information in various tabs In an app-centric world, Windows 8 will be adopting the trend full-on with a Swiss Army Knife of new tricks. The table shows summary data on the performance of each Ad campaign. On the right top side of the table you can find a download button to retrieve the chart's content as a CSV file.

The Ads Analytics Page on the Branch dashboard shows the performance of your ad campaigns across both web and app. You can view performance over time, including purchase and other custom events. Events are attributed using Branch's unified last-click attribution model.

This means that Branch will attribute to the last click across channels, and across platforms. For example, if a customer clicks a Branch email link, and then clicks an ad, installs the the app and purchases an item, Branch will attribute the install and the purchase to the last clicked ad link.

If the customer then goes on to purchase an item on web within the attribution window, Branch will also attribute the web purchase to the same ad link, connecting the web and app actions taken by a single user for a more accurate view of your marketing channels and customer behavior.

You can read more about People-Based Attribution here. View-through attribution allows you to track installs, session starts and conversion events back to an ad impression, even if the ad was never clicked on.

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To create a impression tracking link for non-SAN networks, simply create an ad link , and grab the impression link from the final step of link creation. If you just want to count impressions, without attribution, these macros are not needed.

Contact integrations branch. To grant an Ad Partner access to your App's data, you need to add them as an agency in your Branch account. Doing so give's said ad partner access to your app; based on the permissions you define. Agency data filters e. Each access level - as defined above - comes with predefined permissions which you can edit if you choose.

If you want to modify a predefined access level, click the pencil icon to de select the available options.

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During the process of granting an agency access to your Branch account, you can also impose limitations around what data is available to the agency at any given time. When giving an ad partner access to your Branch account, please make sure you toggle the Only Show Data from Specific Ad Networks to on and select the ad partner you are giving access to.

Once you've defined the appropriate levels of access for your Agency, you must Invite them to access the Branch dashboard.

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  4. Only Organization Admins can invite an Agency to access the Branch dashboard. A modal will appear with Branch default events, as well as any commerce or custom events you've set up. Select an event, enter a postback URL if you're asked to, and click Save. This will be the event that triggers your new postback.

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    If you want to send All Events , not only events attributed to the partner - you can enable this setting by checking the All Events box on a per postback basis. If you need to whitelist the postback server IP addresses for security purposes, they are listed below:. For advanced integrations, you may want to provide additional information in your postback that isn't there by default.

    You can edit postbacks by following our postback templating instructions , then clicking save. When the postback is saved, it is then validated - if you enter an invalid postback, you'll get an error at the top of your screen. We all make mistakes from time to time.

    If you need to reset your postbacks and your credentials, navigate to the Account Settings tab and look for the Reset all settings button.