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Your email address will not be published. I recently used one of these app when I suspected my husband might be stepping out on me and I needed to gather enough evidence just to be sure he was being unfaithful before confronting him. At first the app seemed to be working a bit even though not as much as I expected but eventually, the updates completely stopped coming in after about hours, it got really frustrating. C O M" to deliver.

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These days spying apps are available like a germs within food. I have tried most of tracking, spying, monitoring software features.

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There is no doubt about the technology they have implemented. But my most concern was security, privacy, remote controlling. I tried to use a spy app mSpy, Flexispy etc. These apps were fantastic but I couldn't afford any of both because mSpy is visible to target and Flexispy is so expensive that I couldn't use that regularly. Now using TheOneSpy android spy software and it is totally secret, hidden and invisible monitoring app. The most important I did switched from iPhone platform to android platform and it was so smooth and supportive. I have unlimited chances to switch platform.

Anyone of you can try it. It is up to your choice and requirements. I needed cheap and hidden app and TheOneSpy meets my requirements. You may try flexispy, mspy.

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They are good enough to There are many ways to spy on a phone. If you google for such apps, you'll find much info. I tried spytomobile service, it works well.

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Just one question. Is ther a user manual for this product. I have installed it and cannot make it do anything. No setup, not tools, no nothing. I have been the victim of stalking and harassment through use of apps like these.

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I'm on my fourth phone number in a month and he just keeps getting back in. I replaced my phone and changed the phone number at the same time, and immediately started getting phone calls from random numbers, so I believe he is back in again. I'm going around emailing developers now to try and get some information on the person stalking me. I have to say I'm not too impressed with these apps, and frankly, I think they would do nothing more than damage the parent-child relationship anyway. So definitely, developers, let's figure out how to prevent these apps from being installed in the first place.

It's an absolute crock. What were you doing to make the person you were married to do something like that to you? Sounds like you deserved it!!!!

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Replace the word 'kids' with 'cheating spouse' and you'll find you've empowered many a victimized spouse. It's not illegal if I bought him the phone in the first place and my name's on the phone. Yes it must already be over but unfortunately he introduced disloyalty into the marriage and I can't leave based on 'suspicions', so it can't be officially OVER until I have proof.

This may be low but it's lower for him to take another 15 faithful years of my life without doing the same in return. I deserve a man who will be exclusive and won't ever make me consider stooping this low. I mean, how hard can it be to stay faithful? I've managed to turn down offers and dates from good catches because of my vow, why can't he? I too am in this ugly matrix of life and we do not deserve it. Wasted 20 years of my life being blind and I will not allow this to waste anymore. Here's to you Amber! You know you are absolutely correct.

No one is obligated to do shit. So you continue to be a stalking secret squirrel spy and consign and enable the behavior of others that are Just like you. Aaaaaand while you are doing as such YOU can go phuk yourself too! But it has no call interception feature. Just things like sms, gps, whatsapp, safari and so on. Free trial is available. Oh, and how will you like it when your tech savvy teenager turns the application on you. I'll bet you won't be so happy you brought in the house in the first place.

Good luck explaining why you think it's okay for you to spy on him, but are really, really upset when you find out it is happening to you. You get what you give. What comes around, will go around. Good luck. Kids also need space and freedom to grow and evolve, as well as privacy and boundaries. Understandably, there are advantages, and sometimes the need, to know if you can trust a sitter or another person. These apps are advertised for "parents", but they attract a lot of creepy motives and behaviors. We need an equal amount of attention to detecting these devices illegally used by undignified losers.

The public, not just web savvy developers and tweeters, but people of all walks should know how easy it is to violate their privacy and more I happen to be related to someone like that It's disgusting. With all these surveillance apps your going to need a fair amount of power. One time I went to work and my daughter is in her swimming lessons when I received a message saying she is having an emergency.

The automatic voice call of her Just5 phone enabled me to talk to her. She had an accident and is currently inside the school clinic. Just5 phone really works well. Ryan, I located two. The first is "Night Recorder". In recent weeks it was reported that one of the most sophisticated digital spying tools has infiltrated governments, businesses and individuals for up to six years.

The hacking software known as Regin, believed to be the creation of a Western intelligence agency, was able to steal passwords, capture screenshots, listen in on phone conversations, and even restore deleted files. The hacking tool left no hiding place for its targets, but nowadays you do not have to be a spying agency as sophisticated as the CIA to gather a remarkable amount of personal information. Digital spying has become a domesticated business with a plethora of "stealth apps" available to snoop on unfaithful partners, and employees who are bunking off on company time or passing on corporate secrets.

FlexiSpy, one of the most popular apps available, offers to help ordinary users to "spy on mobile phones, cellphones and tablets". As the blurb on the website puts it: "Is your wife or husband cheating on you? For the sake of your mental and sexual health, you have a right to know if your partner is being responsible. FlexiSpy's website claims the app can listen and record live phone calls, eavesdrop on the phone surroundings, and read text messages and emails. It can be used to rifle through digital photos. The app is installed on the phone of the person who is spied upon.

It can track the phone user's movements using GPS and take photos of its locations by remote control. There are many similar apps now available. It is not just Big Brother who is now snooping, but husbands, wives, parents and bosses. So are bugging apps such as FlexiSpy legal to use in Ireland? The company's website says it is legal to install on your own phone. But users are advised: "Make sure you have explicit permission from the person whose phone you will be monitoring If you do it to someone else's phone without their knowledge it could be criminal damage.

It is different if the phone belongs to an employer. When used to spy on employees, FlexiSpy can monitor and archive all communications on mobiles and tablets, including Facebook messages, texts and email. It can also secretly record sounds around the phone without the user knowing that it has been activated. It also traces the location of the phone through GPS. Employers are legally allowed to monitor their employees' use of email and internet up to a point, but they are required to tell them beforehand that it is part of company policy.

According to guidelines from the data protection commissioner, "in the absence of a clear policy, employees may be assumed to have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the workplace". The spying apps have become popular, particularly in the United States. But in one case, one of their sellers has strayed onto the wrong side of the law. StealthGenie purported to help people to catch cheating lovers by listening in on their phone calls and tracking their movements. The app, once installed, could monitor calls and texts. The app was also able to activate the device remotely to record conversations within a foot radius.

According to TJ McIntyre, some of the worst intrusions into privacy are suffered by victims of domestic abuse or by people who have just split up with a partner. They can gain access to their information and track their movements. Using stealth apps, stalkers can download software which enables them to follow their victim's movements in detail, read their emails and social media posts and even unlock webcams so they can spy on what they are doing at home or elsewhere.

The Independent on Sunday in Britain recently reported a survey of victims of stalking. It found that offenders are more likely to harass their victims using digital means than in person.

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The survey found that more than half of victims had received abusive messages online, while a startling 37pc had their digital accounts hacked. Jennifer Perry, Digital Trust's chief executive, said the problem was escalating - with spyware stalkers can access computers, watch what people are typing and activate webcams. Perhaps the worst intrusion into personal privacy is "revenge porn", where ex-partners post intimate photos of their former lovers on websites without their permission.

Darius Whelan, lecturer in law at UCC, says revenge porn can be very difficult to stop. But many of the websites with this kind of material are disreputable.